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You like what I do and you want me to do more of it. That's pretty neat. I appreciate it. Thank you!




per Thing

About ProperGoffic

Hi! If you're reading this you already have some idea what I do. You might have watched a video on that there YouTube, or bought a tabletop RPG thingie off or DriveThruRPG, or maybe you read an essay on Humanities Commons or a post on Malediction of Nagash, or maybe you just ended up here by accident. I don't know.

The main thing is, you're here, and you've liked something I do enough to click through and find out how to make me do more of it. Which is nice of you. You're nice. (Dang, I'm bad at this.) The best way to make me do more stuff is to pay me for doing stuff (and a master of subtlety, too). Y'all can do that here if you want me to do more stuff on the reg, or you can direct yourself to if you just want to tip me for doing that one thing that you really liked. I'm not fussed. I'm just glad you're here.

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