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Those who join the Cosmic Seed tier will get access to all astrology-related & cosmic weather reports I share. Any major movements, geomagnetic storms, Schumann shifts & the like are shared here. You get a bit of news & a bit of education rolled into one!

I do not do stand-alone Western Tropical astrology. All astrological content I create is either Sidereal/Vedic, or Integrated - meaning it merges measurements from various forms of astrology (geo/heliocentric, sidereal, tropical, etc). If you are new to transitioning from Tropical to Sidereal, congrats, this is a great place to learn!
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The Haven tier is for those ready to dip a toe into esoteric education, on top of learning what's going on in the sky. The resources are accessible along your path for energetic sovereignty, artistic development, & starting to traverse your own field's dimensions. I will also be open to you for general questions related to the content for your tier.

+ Guided meditations
+ Art with Intent livestream playbacks
+ Astrological or cosmic weather reports
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As a Rose Garden patron, you will receive continual access to specialized education, & exclusive content to take it to next level. The goal of this tier is to follow through on the call to refine our unique talents, exchange studies & engage in growth. Here we will begin diving into occult traditions, alternative hxstory, & development of energetic healing practices.

Those in the Garden gain access to:
+ Guided meditations
+ Exclusive educational content
+ Art with Intent livestream playbacks
+ Astrological or cosmic weather reports


Building bridges for evolution with art, esoterica, & quantum field work...
My name is Eeden Theta Shale, I am a visual creator & musician who also specializes in energetic education.
  I'm here to bring forth an understanding of creative connection that links us straight back to our essential source - which resides directly inside of our DNA. With every fiber of my being, I feel that revolving our lives around inspiration has an incredible impact on every aspect of the human experience. After studying studio art, psychology, & animism, my goal is to shed light on creativity-based alternative medicines. The message carries an emphasis on trauma resolution, all-background inclusivity, & activism with a focus on embodied awareness. Through this process, I've come to find that every person is capable of achieving catharsis through their unique expression & emotional empowerment.
  Breaking down walls towards transformation, this page shares essay or video content + tools that dive even deeper than before, as well as meditations. Biomorphic Resonance (BMR) is the form of quantum field work I’ve developed, which is utilized & referenced throughout the offerings shared. With them, I hope to bring forth support & service to your path.

p r i e s t e x, RMT
pronouns: they;them
For more, visit my website at SACREDCANVAS.ORG
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Upon reaching my first goal, I am releasing an exclusive Q&A podcast series. Listen in for conversations on healing arts, ritual education, tattoo history, & self empowerment! We will cover topics based on received questions or on seasonal relevance.
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