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About Proskuneo: Actualize

So, you have the vision to lead a multicultural worshiping community? Awesome. Vision is important. Vital even. But, how do you actualize the vision? How do you live it out in real life?

We want you to benefit from our decades of experience. We are a Jesus-centered, multicultural worshiping community living in Clarkston, GA where 60 different languages are spoken in a 1.5 mile radius. We've been living this vision for years.

When you become a patron, you immediately get access to our Proskuneo Top 30 songs. These are songs in 15+ languages (like Spanish, Korean, Swahili, Arabic and more!) that we have collected and written. We have used these songs effectively in hundreds of different contexts. We've done the hard work of creating powerpoints approved by native speakers of all these different languages. We've made the chord charts. We've made the recordings. So, you can have everything you need to use them in your community right now.

Each month, you will also receive training videos about key principles of multicultural worship/community, tutorials on how to use multilingual songs and non-musical elements in your worshiping communities, as well as opportunities to connect with our staff for encouragement and coaching.

We want to help you actualize this vision God has given you. It's possible. Join us in living out heaven here on earth!

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