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About Prospect Games

Get ready to Bash, Smash, Rip and Flip your opponents into oblivion...

Hello! We're making Robot Champions a local & online arena fighter for 1 - 6 players. We love robot combat along with games like Smash Bros, so we smushed the two together!

Robot Champions
will take you across Earth and Space to fight in arenas packed with hard hitting hazards. Take your pick from a wide range of robots, they come in all shapes and sizes but they've all built to be champions, no losers allowed!

We've already made a huge amount of content that you can check out in the free to play Robot Champions Pre-Alpha. Along side new arenas and fighters you'll also be the first to try brand new features like the robot builder, arena builder and VR mode. Download today!

Prospect Games is a Manchester based micro-label that has been making explosive games like Unbox: Newbie's Adventure for nearly 10 years! We've been working on this iteration of RC since January 2019 and have steadily built up a dedicated community throughout the year.

With this Patreon we can develop RC in tandem with our fans, giving them exclusive access to behind the scenes development, in-game content and tasty Discord roles. Check out our FAQ for more info on our dev schedule, why we're using Patreon and more.

Join the RC community to ensure you never miss an update and always find a match. We discuss all things RC with the community daily and there's always an exciting announcement on the horizon:

Mailing List -
Discord -
Reddit - Coming Soon
Twitter - @RobotChampions
Instagram - @ProspectGames

Thanks for checking out our Patreon and don't forget to try out the awesome RC pre-alpha!
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End Place - Patreon Vote
Fans love End Place and many wish it had some crazy variants.  Patreon backers get to vote on which new arena layouts we add!
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