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Popped out of the snow, like daisies! What you get as a daisy is:
- A very big thank you from me

- Access to my finished works 1 hour before upload.

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Poppy, pop, pop! What you get as a poppy is:
- The previous tier rewards

- Access to voting on my polls

- The role 'cult children' on my discord server

Includes Discord rewards
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Dandelions! What you get as a dandelion is:
- The previous tier rewards

- Preview of my sketches and flat colours

- Your name will be featured on my mixer stream description

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About Protagkunist

Hello! I'm Protagkunist, and you've found my Patreon page. I am a self-taught digital artist who solely focuses on the anime art style to create digital works. If you like what I create, then I would appreciate your support, whether you pledge or follow my medias.

I also stream my art here:

Thank you, mate.

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