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My Target is to gain 100,000 Patrons !
Then I shall announce where the income will be donated to !

About Bahman Nassiri

Luke 12:2 - For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be brought to light.

Masonic Degrees Released :
The 1st Degree - Unlisted link for Patrons Only
The 2nd Degree - Unlisted link for Patrons Only
The 3rd Degree - Unlisted link for Patrons Only 
The 4th Degree - Scottish Rite
Unlisted link for Patrons Only
The 5th Degree - Scottish Rite
Unlisted link for Patrons Only

The 6th up to 32nd Degrees of Scottish Rite
Links for Patrons Only.

As I walk through The Valley of darkness before reaching The Gate of Enlightenment, I have to battle with The Ahriman at the gate !
THE HIRAM KEY - Images in my mind :

THE 3RD DEGREE has been released earlier than scheduled.
The Video is 13 minutes long.
Now I have to get away for a while before releasing THE 4th DEGREE.

UPDATE - January 13, 2020 :
I shall release THE 3rd DEGREE on February 8, 2020, my 67th Birthday, 46 years after I was initiated in Saadi Lodge #6 , Tehran, Iran, at the age of 21, and the youngest Freemason in the country (all the others are dead).
The 3rd Degree Trailer :
The 4th Degree up to The 33rd of The Scottish Rite - Lodge of The Double-Headed Eagle , will then be released at a faster pace as the number of Patrons begin to increase from all over the world.
By the time I get to the 33rd Degree, I hope to have a million Enlightened Patrons.

MASONIC DEGREES up to the 33rd degree of The Scottish Rite.
Next vídeo to be released to Patrons :
The 3rd Degree (Master Mason)

The 1st Degree & The 2nd Degree available for Public viewing on :

WM :
As it is the hope of reward that sweetens labor,
where did our ancient brethren go to receive wages ?
Into the middle chamber of King Solomon’s Temple.
~ Part of Q&A - The Second Degree ~
To make money from my followers ?
While this may be partly true since no-one spends his time on anything without a degree of reward, the main reason for me doing this was because I decided to keep my views Private and share them only with those who understand me.

October 25, 2019 :
Now producing The Hiram Key - The 3rd Degree.
The Golden Mask will be Released to Patrons in 2020.
In the meantime enjoy the music :

Watch this video by Angel Millar before I release The 3rd Degree :

October 10, 2019 - GOD’s BLUEPRINT released to Patrons.

UPDATE - October 8, 2019 :
I decided to release The Secrets of The Second Degree to The Public.
3rd Degree Up to 33rd will only be released to Patrons.
Patrons will receive answers to their questions directly by myself.

~ Bahman Nassiri ~

UPDATE - October 2, 2019 -
6,000,000 Freemasons worldwide who went through all those scary rituals and have no clue what Freemasonry is all about apart from the charity side of it :
Watch The First Degree , then become my Patron to receive the higher degrees privately by email, up to the 33rd with full analysis, then you shall know as much as our Grand Master knew, whose name was Yehoshua bin Joseph, known as Jesus Christ. Christian Churches, Muslim Ayatollahs and Jewish Rabbis have fooled the human race with false and dangerous teachings.
Patrons will receive answers to their questions directly by myself.
I do not like how in The United States Brethren of The Lodge of The Double-Headed Eagle (Scottish Rite) walk through the 4th degree to the 32nd in 1 day ! This is why they receive their 32nd degree without really understanding any of the degrees !
This should be done over a decade with no more than 3 degrees per year, so the candidates practice and truly understand each degree.

~ Bahman Nassiri ~

Please watch the 5 videos on this page chosen out of 555 videos on my YouTube channel :
Also visit my Facebook wall to learn more about me :

I now have followers from every country on Earth.
I do not wish to get hit like Alex Jones did, the time to shut up is when you don’t have more than 10,000 followers. Therefore, from Monday September 23rd, 2019, my future videos will be emailed to my Patrons on , and will not be shown on YouTube or any other social media platform.
This will be my Private Lodge, where I can comfortably share some private knowledge without getting prosecuted for it.

555 videos will remain for free viewing on my YouTube channel

Also make sure to visit my Amazon Shop : , , and all my other social media pages , plus my Amazon Shop and my Directory https://Desert.Services will all be managed by The Golden Veil LLC.
Thank you all for supporting my 10 year efforts as a filmmaker, and my fight against the brutal regime in Iran, which is a cancer on our planet.
Enjoy all 555 videos on my YouTube channel including my movie The Golden Veil, which has been Blocked in Iran since its release on 1/1/11 :
Artificial Intelligence has also created a Bahman Nassiri Auto-Generated Topic channel :

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts

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