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About Przzyfied

Welcome to my Patreon! My name is Przzy, and I make a whole host of content for you to enjoy! I have a passion for game development, broadcasting, esports, video production, and more! Most of all, I love to entertain!

My main projects are:
  • My YouTube channel (linked on the side), where I upload videos and podcasts relating to the topics I enjoy (and hopefully you enjoy as well). 
  • My stream that broadcasts a few times a week
  • My discord server called Przzy's Studio, which has recently been massively updated to have all sorts of cool bells and whistles.

Some specific projects I've created include:
  • The Incoming Transmission Podcast, which wrapped up it's 2nd season in August with 9 episodes, and just started it's 3rd season.
  • From The Futon, a general webshow where me and other guests talk about a variety of topics 
  • Legacy Lore, a short series of videos where I take a look at in-depth lore in certain video games

Plans/brainstorming I have for the future:
  • Stream highlights. I stream fairly often, and there are a lot of entertaining moments that would be perfect to fit in a highlights video.
  • Game development videos. One of my many hobbies (and intended minor at school) is game development. Due to this, I have the resources to make videos on different aspects of game development.
  • SMITE Casting/Analysis, and/or gameplay: SMITE is a game that's near and dear to my heart. I've recently been getting more involved in the competitive scene, and I've been trying to improve my skill as an esports caster.I'm also trying to improve my skill at the game, so recording my gameplay will not only help me improve by allowing me to watch it back, but hopefully allow others to improve as well.
  • and there's plenty more! 

My main goal is to make a living off being an entertainer, which is what I love to do. I truly appreciate everyone who watches my content, regardless of whether you pay or not. Thanks for checking out my Patreon page! I hope to see you around!

Special thank you to Cjay Fluer and Jake (Tech) for the banner specifically made for this Patreon page!

DISCLAIMER: The money received from this Patreon EXCLUSIVELY goes towards expenses for YouTube/Twitch content (props, editing software, graphics, etc), or it directly goes towards my way of living (rent, groceries, etc). This message is meant to be transparent so you know exactly where your donations are going. If you disagree with the above statements, I respectfully would rather you support other talented creators on Patreon instead.
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When I reach 10 patrons, I will show my appreciation by doing a 24 hour stream. It sounds unhealthy, but it will be absolutely worth it.
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