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Donation Tier 1
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This is a small donation but still appreciated! This is for the people who wish to support us but can not afford a lot. You will gain access to a special role in our discord + more to come.

Includes Discord rewards
Donation Tier 2
per month

This Tier is made for a slightly larger donation which also helps us! With this you get the original perks + 1 custom role on our discord.

Thank you!

Includes Discord rewards
Donation Tier 3
per month

The Largest Tier we have! Seriously thank you so much! With this tier you get all of the previous perks, And access to a private lounge where only staff and other tier 3 donators can join. You can also bring friends into it.

Includes Discord rewards



About PSALMS Discord Server

PSALMS is a Discord Server dedicated to providing a fun,loosely moderated environment for people to interact and make new friends. Everyone is welcome on our server and we enjoy every new face that joins us. Everyone in our community are wonderful people willing to help you with anything. Come join us, Make new friends, Enjoy your stay! We do however rely on donations to grow and expand more. Anything is appreciated and every little bit helps! Please do not these are donations and not required to be apart of our community. This is simply here for people who wish to support me and my project progress further.

(Note, I hate to put it here but for my safety, All donations are non refundable as they are donations. Please think before you pledge anything!)

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