Filipe "ps" Cruz is creating digital art and video content

ps i love you

$1 /mo
You join my adventure party! It gives you access to progress reports and sneak previews of what i'm up to. You will not get credited on any content, but i'll know you love me and that's what matter...

Demomaking is not a crime!

$2 /mo
You get supporter credits on the MDT9K show about the demoscene that i host every other Wednesday.

Listen to the sound of the underground

$2 /mo
You get supporter credits / shoutouts on the Enough Records Radio Show that i broadcast on FutureMusic.FM and Radio Manobras every other Sunday. This is the best tier to show your support for all t...

Surrender your world!

$2 /mo
You get supporter credits on the WGL stream i occasionally host on Saturdays. It's also a gauge of interest for it's periodicity.

Access all areas

$5 /mo
Access to high-quality downloads, work in progress previews and polls.

Cabbage for Yog

$5 /mo
Our rabbit Yog eats one cabbage per day! By claiming this reward you can be the one feeding Yog, and get supporter credits on his youtube videos and instagram pictures.

Youtube supporter credits

$12 /mo
I'll credit your support on the description of all the videos i release on youtube during your patronage.

You got mail!

$15 /mo
Custom exclusive postcard drawn by me in your mailbox every month as long as you patron this reward.

Pick a topic, any topic!

$20 /mo
Pick a topic and i'll cover it as best as i can. Either for a livestream or a theme for a short story / poem / drawing / performance / youtube video.

Personal mixtape

$30 /mo
Personalized, per month, Enough Records mixtape where i will ask you what kind of sounds you are into, pick tracks from the Enough Records catalogue that fit your vibe, mix them together, name the ...

Everything is a remix

$200 /mo
A remix or small collaboration work (max 10 hours creation time). You choose if, how and where to release it (must have attribution).

Personal tutor

$240 /mo
I will give you personal feedback, tutoring, lessons, workshops or generic mentorship on whatever topic you pick and that i am proficient in (check my background posts or send me an email to confir...

Commission me beautiful

$1,500 /mo
For this reward you're commissioning me a month's work for an interactive installation piece of your choice (pick a theme or exhibition site). Only constraint is that i must have complete creative ...