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About Psilocybe Games Studio

Current Project

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Right now we are working on Artificer - a survival RPG focused on crafting and researching MAGIC!

The game is set on a mysterious planet called Alcor - where an ancient nanorobot network taps into hopes and fears of sentient beings, fulfilling wishes and bringing horrors to life. 

About Psilocybe Games

Welcome to our humble Patreon corner. 

Our mission is to provide an emotion evoking interaction between the silicon computing micro machinery and your organic neural network via visual, auditory and tactile stimulation.

In other words we want you to have fun playing our games. 


Our studio is super small and consists of Sawa Bialczynska (art), Peter Lipert (tech) and Balthazar the Dog (fun). 

Humans in our studio love animals, space, forests, art and music. Dogs prefer frisbee, bones and peeing in inappropriate places. 

Long term goals

We've created the demo and concept of Pigsodus and it is our dream to make the full game someday. Unfortunately we don't have the necessary human resources nor a stash of gold in our closet. So we've decided to make some smaller games first. Hopefully enough people will fall in love with our imagination and one day we will make Horace Oinkstein oink again!   

14 of 25 patrons
When we reach 25 patrons, we'll hold a world building event and incorporate an idea from each of the participating patrons into the game lore.
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