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Hello, we're PSUBlog! We write news articles related to the Phantasy Star series. Over the years the site has evolved from covering simple online events to delivering news from a foreign language. We thank you for all your support throughout the years and would like to offer the opportunity for fans to support the writers of the site.

Our Current Goals
Currently we'd like to focus on keeping our site afloat. This can be accomplished through your continued support.

Tier 1 ($60 / Month) : Goes towards helping keep the site alive.
Tier 2 ($500 / Month) : 1 out of 3 ad blocks removed per page.
Tier 3 ($800 / Month) : 3 out of 3 ad blocks removed per page.

We'll announce even more goals in the future.

$84 of $500 per month
1 out of 3 ad blocks removed per page for all visitors.
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