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Hello and welcome to’s Patreon page!

This project has a fixed monthly cost, and i would like to ask you for participation.
Only with community support can this project reach its potential ! 

I started in 2013 out of a passion for music, especially psychedelic ambient and downtempo, psydub and related genres. I wanted to create a place that would be dedicated to this beautiful and magic universe of mind-expanding "chillout". Over the years several volunteers have joined the project, and so far we have published 400+ posts, 50+ interviews and added more than 3000 albums and other links in our catalogs.

Our mission at is to help artists and labels to connect with listeners, and to help listeners discover music. We receive a lot of messages of "thanks" and "respect" from both artists and listeners, letting us know that what we’re doing is valuable and worthwhile. However, economically, the project is not sustainable. I am paying from my pocket, mostly losing money and need your help in order to continue. There is a donation interface on the website but donations are very rare, averaging +/- 150 euros per year - this doesn’t begin to cover my "monthly expenses" (below in detail).

In 2017, we put out a crowdfunding campaign. We thanks to each and everyone who participated. With your help we created a new website. Unfortunately crowdfunding money are not sufficient to finish everything that is planned, to continue financing the project we propose you to support us here on PATREON or via one time donation page. You can read more about crowdfunding here.

There are fixed monthly maintenance expenses such as :
- web developer for maintenance and fixes (100 - 200 euros / month)
- graphic design (15-30 euros / month)
- web hosting for and (30 euros / month)
- plugin licenses for Wordpress and forum software (30 euros / month)
- dropbox subscription for backups and files & Soundcloud accounts (25 euros / month)
- domain names (50 euros / year)
all this in average is 200-300 euros per month.

There are two important features that i think are necessary to add:
- event submission interface and database.
- better music submission interface and database.

If you want to help or if you have other ideas or if you are php/js/css developer - get in touch.
- it takes a lot of time to gather information , if you can help with a bit of your time - get in touch. (ideally i would like to be able to pay money for help, but it is not possible in actual moment)

1€ makes a difference 
Honestly, every little contribution helps motivate me to keep the project going. Even a pledge of 1€ makes a difference. With your participation, I will be able to do so much more for this project and the "chill" scene. I have various ideas of how I could offer more if my time was freed up in this way, for example organizing CD / Vinyl compilations, a podcast, etc.



Thank you for reading, with Love
Iurii GAGARIN (contact me)
$168.27 of $300 per month
to cover monty costs of site maintenance , see "FIXED COSTS" for details
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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