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I appreciate your support.  Even a small amount shows me you care about me and my work, and that means a lot to me.  I hope you'll participate in the community on here and wherever I show off my work.

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I'll send you an invite to my Patreon Discord server and we can have a more direct connection.  I'll share some of my work, some of my ephemeral insights that don't make it to the blog, and perhaps some sneak peeks at the bigger projects I'm working on.  And, when it comes time for testers for games and other work, you'll be in the pool I will pick from.
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You'll also get access to my Discord server, but with a special title that shows your commitment.  I'll likely pull from this group for early testing and feedback.  I'll also share more glimpses behind the scenes in the form of notes, wikis, and other resources.  I'll supply copies of any games I develop to this level and above, as I am able to do so.
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About Brian 'Psychochild' Green

Who am I?

Hi!  I'm Brian 'Psychochild' Green.  I'm a gamer, a game developer, and a writer, and I'm looking for your support.  You can find a details about what I've done on my my bio page on my blog.  The summary is I'm a professional computer game designer and programmer with nearly two decades of experience; I've worked on the gamut from large games at large studio, to running my own company maintaining a classic MMO, to working on indie games with tiny teams.

Why am I asking for your support? 

I want to make cool things.  I want to write about the game industry, game development, indie games, and I want to make my own games both computer and tabletop RPGs.

But, this is hard to do as a game industry professional.  If I take a regular job, most employment contracts will seek to own whatever I write.  Managers may take offense because I wrote something honest instead of something that suits their agenda.  Even as a consultant/contractor, I have to spend a lot of time looking for work and chasing down companies to make sure they pay me.  As an indie, not every game is a hit, but you still need to pay rent and buy food.  All this means there are obstacles in being as creative as I want to be.

What will I do?

I have a passion for writing and games of all types.  I would love the freedom to explore games and share my findings with an eager audience.  To start, I want to create more computer games, write tabletop RPG content, post regularly on my blog, and do more creative writing.

To do all this independently, I need your support.  You can help me by giving a little bit of money each month to give me the freedom to create.  And, you can join me by becoming a patron!

Together we can have a magnificent creative conversation.
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I'll remove the banner ads on, except for the one linking to my book on Amazon.  I'll also be obligated to write at least one blog post per week on my newly ad-free blog.
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