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About Psy Jungle

Our main objective is to create a platform where decoration teams, visual and video artists can exhibit their work and receive job offers from all over the world. Psy Jungle is a unique resource and archive for anyone interested in psytrance culture. You can add your event, decoration team or vj project, it's free.

For example, when an organizer from France enters the site today, he will be able to find all the requirements he needs in the digital world under one roof, from decoration teams, visual artists, musicians, and promotions. More importantly, all events are categorized by country and city, even by music genres, so that a user can find events in his own city and in his own music taste, wherever he is in the world, can review all the details, make comments and review, and even buy tickets at later stages.

Psy Jungle offers great tools for all creators (Decoration Teams, Video and Visual Artists, Organizers). For example, the organizer sharing a festival can see how much interest has been received, which countries have been screened or directly review the participants comments and evaluations.

Content creation is open to all visitors who are members, there is no charge, but it is a fact that such a portal has some requirements for its survival, and Psy Jungle has a donation system to meet these requirements.

Psy Jungle is dedicated to the culture of psytrance and is a collective project open to anyone who believes he/she can benefit it. By visiting us today, you have shown that your appetite for music and art is insatiable and your boundaries are expanding into many new areas of the culture. Music and art is a big part of our daily lives and Psy Jungle was created under the notion that good music and art should be discovered by each and every one of us.

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