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About Pine Tree Youth Organizing

Thank you for visiting Pine Tree Youth Organizing's (PTYO's) Pateron!

Pine Tree Youth Organizing is a grassroots youth led and run organization that gets resources and support to youth activists. We connect youth throughout the state who are interested in working for justice and for their communities. We are a coalition of youth who come together to educate each other about what is happening in our communities, and we support each other’s work however we can.

PTYO began in 2012 when a large, anonymous, no strings attached donation was given to Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC) to support youth organizing in Maine. This donation was given to ROSC with no strings attached, except that it had to be used to “support youth organizing in Maine.” ROSC’s annual Youth Activism Gathering (YAG) has been an important resource for Maine since 2001, which is likely why this person donated this amount of money to ROSC.

After ROSC received this anonymous donation, Larry Dansinger, ROSC's director at the time, outreached to organizers throughout the state and pulled together a meeting to brainstorm what should be done with this money. PTYO was born out of this meeting.

Since then, PTYO has been supporting youth organizers and activists throughout the state, and has teamed up with ROSC to organize our yearly Youth Activism Gathering.

Here are some of our accomplishments over the years:
-Creating this badass vision:
-Distributing a little over $6,000 to youth led and run organizations and projects
-Helping to bottom-line the yearly Youth Activism Gathering with our co-sponsor ROSC, which you can learn more about here:
-Connecting countless youth organizers and activists to each other
-Employing 2 youth organizers under the age of 19 as the executive directors of PTYO
-Creating intentional spaces for inter-generational conversations between youth and elder organizers through events, workshops, 1:1 meetings, etc.
-Supporting organizations that serve youth to help them offer an youth empowerment model, and transition their leadership to youth leaders
-Offered a monthly newsletter with news, events, and ideas that are interesting to young people (we are in the works of starting this back up again)
-Engaged in different youth coalition networks, such as the Maine Students for Climate Justice Network
-Providing the space and time for youth organizers and activists to experiment, lean, and grow their organizing skills
-Having PTYO youth speak at events and facilitate workshops
-Helping to organize rallies, protests, and actions, such as Generation Climate Rising, End Violence Together, etc.
-etc. etc.!!!!

At the moment, PTYO is led by Phoenix, our badass youth organizer, with the support of Christine, our mentor organizer. We are leading PTYO's work forward in a time of great need for youth organizing. We are running out of funds so it's time to fundraise for the first time! We spend $660 a month in staff time, and we'd like to have that covered through this Pateron. Please support us as we support and grow youth movement for social change!!
$4.30 of $660 per month
If we get this amount of donations every month, we'll have our staff time covered!
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