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About Public Intellectual

Hey, ducks, thanks for listening.

You know, it was weirdly the unmasking of Elena Ferrante that got me thinking about doing a podcast like this. Every hot take think piece was exactly the same -- taking the position of oh this poor woman, oh this aggressive man victimizing this poor woman. There were so many angles to the story that were left lying around, like the fact that this writer who presented herself as against marriage was not only married herself, but was the creation of a collaboration between a husband and wife. Or why artists choose retreat and anonymity and why audiences often refuse to grant them this. Or how she fits in with the other great fabulists who make up whole backgrounds, as she did in her memoir, to sell a certain idea of herself.

Being disappointed by contemporary discourse is of course nothing new, but this time I felt compelled to create something new, to create a space where we could have nuanced conversations about complex issues, and not just parrot stereotypes and harden into our rigid but socially acceptable political position. So yeah, let's go all you jerks, let's talk about sexual consent and trans identity and the failures of feminism and let's allow the scope of this conversation to be larger than usual. 

(Also the name came out of a joke, because at a dinner party a friend referred to Adam Gopnik as a "public intellectual" and I had had three martinis so I stood up and laughed and yelled at him.)

Here you'll find ways to support this project, so I can keep talking to brilliant minds and bringing it to you in audio form.

And please continue listening to our weekly free episodes!

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