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Thank you for taking a look at my Patreon-page.

I have been taking photos of public means of transport for a couple of years all over Europe and have not finished by far. I usually choose cities with trams or trolleybuses, which allows me to take photos of several means of transport at once rather than only buses. Examples are Budapest, London, Paris, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Riga and Edinburgh. I do take photos of trains as well albeit many nice places are hardly possible to reach without car. During the next months I am going to upload one gallery every other week.

I always try to find low-cost coaches and hostels to make my journeys as inexpensive as possible. Nevertheless I would be delighted if you kindly supported me even with a small amount, making it easier for me to discover public transport systems of European cities. Patrons are going to be sent documentations the weeks without official publications, hence I am not going to make public every city. In August and in September I am going to publish photos of 3+3 Polish cities. Thank you very much!

Best wishes!

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