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It is live online (via Zoom), 6:30pm - 7:30pm Mountain Time.

We would love to offer a small group Bible study for free, but since it is an intimate setting we're limiting the study to supporters only (recordings will only be made available for Fellowship Baptist Church and Wolf Creek Baptist Church members, who do not have to subscribe to get access).


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As a Proclaimer, you will receive a free polemics-themed t-shirt from our online store upon your first donation. 

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You're also invited to join our weekly Tuesday night Bible study. It is live online (via Zoom), 6:30pm - 7:30pm Mountain Time.



About Pulpit & Pen

Pulpit & Pen was the original name of this ministry when it went worldwide through our news reporting in 2012. Existing long before Reformation Charlotte, Capstone Report, and other top notch polemics sites (we love those guys), we tarried along the lonely road with few beside us Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio (and his program, Fighting for the Faith) and the late Ken Silva and his organization, Apprising Ministries. Long, long before other guys like Jon Harris, Rod Martin, Michael O'Fallon began fighting this fight, we were here with bloody knuckles (God bless those guys, too). And sadly, while we were trying to warn about liberalism in the church, some of the greatest champions in the Social Justice Schism of 2020-2021 like Josh Buice, Tom Buck, and James White were attacking us as contrarians and fundamentalists. 

It's been a lonely road, but it would have been far more lonely without you, our supporters. 

Pulpit & Pen (now we have a newer alt-news site, Protestia) also produces the Polemics Report podcast, a bi-weekly podcast giving the latest information, news and commentary on matters of polemics theology. It is hosted by Pulpit & Pen founder, Jordan D. Hall, who has been the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana since 2008 (founded in 1980). The podcast was founded in 2014 as a part of the Worldview Weekend Network with Brannon Howse (and went solo in 2015). In 2017 we joined the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network, belonging to Tim Hurd, which is overseen by Hall's church in Montana. 

We rely on patrons from across the world to help support this ministry endeavor. Polemics is not a popular field of theology because it critiques bad doctrine in an age of rampant ecumenism. Therefore, we rely on a few committed individuals who can help support our work. Without you, Pulpit & Pen, Protestia, and Polemics Report couldn't exist.

At one time, before Big Tech Censorship began in 2019 and ramped up in 2020, we remained financially solvent by ad revenue generated by more than a million readers a month. Since then, we have been banned by Google Ad Network (and our links squashed by their SEO), Amazon Ad Partners, Facebook, shadow-banned by Twitter, and de-monetized on our video platforms. Therefore, we went completely ad-free and rely on YOU - God's people - to assist us. Please only give above and beyond that which you have decided to give sacrificially and regularly to your local church. 

In EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM we start with a rather lengthy explanation of the Gospel - that which is of FIRST IMPORTANCE - and a pastoral admonition that discernment is a gift given by the Holy Spirit for the spiritual edification and building-up of the church. We encourage every listener to be an active, giving, loving, serving member of a Biblical, New Testament Church that is organized and operates "decently and in order." In fact, every writer, contributor, and volunteer for our vast ministry must be a member in good standing in a local, organized and biblical church and are held accountable by their congregation. 

In short, we are not here to hurt the church but to help it. But alas, "many anti-Christs" have gone out into the world (1 John 2:18), and so we "mark and avoid" (Romans 16:17-18) that which is false, so that you can know that which is true. 

We aim to "train the powers of our discernment with constant practice, that we might be skilled in the Word of Righteousness" (Hebrews 5:14). 
292 of 300 patrons
Hi, we only a FEW patrons away from 300 patrons. The next 11 patrons who sign up will be put into drawing (think of it like drawing straws, which is biblical, and not playing lotto) to win a first edition*, leather-bound edition of John Bunyan's Pilgrims' Progress*

It is not old; it's a "new" first edition with all the original artwork and stuff, etc. Being leather and in pristine, it is quite beautiful. Since our ad revenue (mostly) died thanks to Google and Facebook's duopoly and censorship, we relay on our patrons to pay our bills and keep the fight going. 

Pics are available of the book under our regular patron posts. Thanks for your help. By the way, we enabled an "annual membership" if you're tired of a monthly charge and have given a 15% discout if you choose that option. 

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