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About pululon

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“And the darkness descend upon me, I felt it while I was dreaming and there was nothing… nothing at all, me, the darkness… no, I’m wrong, there is something, something that begins to burn me from me inside, something hot that wants to get out… And I want to let it go…”

Current Build
Build 34
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Build 34
Free release!
Build 33
Not my Body! is my first project of horror/erotica video games, primary as a visual novel, but with rpg aspects and a free environment so we can explore the world in our way. The style is in black and white to give it a more manga style, and a plus in the old horror look. We play as Aisha Diamond, a woman that awake knowing that she wasn’t Aisha Diamond, at least no the woman that she sees in the mirror. Who is she? Why her body is always hot and has an erotic aura that fills every place that she is in? What is she? What was her past? Who was Aisha Diamond? Those are some of the questions that Aisha will need to answer to herself living in a world that isn’t the world that she knew, with new rules, new secrets, and a new body that can help her to reach her goals.

What you can do in this game?

The game is played like a visual novel, interacting with characters and places.
  • Aisha can move through the map to different locations and visit them, talking with the people there and performing actions in the places or with the people.
  • The game has a night/day system, so some places can be accessed in day or night, or meet different characters at different times.
  • You can change Aisha’s clothes, and that can trigger scenes or can be requirements for some scenes.
  • You can collect items that work as requirements, or help Aisha in a variety of ways.
  • Aisha can have a job, and get extra scenes from them.
  • Through her adventures, she can unlock a variety of systems that will expand the gameplay and experience.
  • Aisha count with skills, perks and special abilities that will unlock scenes or help her to get Lust in the erotic scenes.
  • A Lust System, since Lust is the primary fuel to Aisha to get what she wants or she needs.
  • Energy system (she need to rest!), craft system, quests, more than 30 npcs to chat, tons of places, fight system (only one fight in the free release), special activities, etc, etc etc.
The idea is to make a simple but deep game where you have multiple activities to do, while you advance through the main story.

What can you expect for the future of the game?

Right now I've polished some systems but is almost complete in that aspect, so most of the time I’m dedicated to adding content like scenes, quests, etc, while fixing some bugs and polish some of the game systems to get them included in the free release. Polls help me to mark my path through the content that I’m putting in while I keep my work in the other stuff.


What it has until now and what it will have in the future.
Sex (of course).
Violence.Blood and gore
Anything else that can fix in the story.

What I’m using?

I’m working with Godot right now. The engine is open source and I can make everything that I want with it, no rules for adult stuff and that. The engine also let me build the system in the way that I want, so I don’t have any limit, only my own knowledge and is quite easy to learn.

How much time for each release?

I’m releasing new updates for patrons every few days, then when I reach my build objectives I release a general update for patrons, that goes for free when the next patron's build is ready.

That’s it!

Well, that’s it. I’m working in a horror/mystery adult game, with kinky stuff and, in the future, possible gore and blood. With monsters and some dark stuff to discover in Aisha trip. This trip will have moral questions, violence, sex, mean words, and will defy logic. At this moment I’m growing the system, but I hope that in the future, and with the help of my patrons, the game will be big enough make it a good experience to anyone that played it. And remember, english isn’t my first language, so if you find something weird, please tell me about it so I can fix it.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 529 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 529 exclusive posts

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