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Become the patron of the highest quality 3D printable miniatures. Get a new Super Value STL Pack every month!

JUNE RELEASE — Baorcudas Support Stuff — contains 8 new supported models STL Ready-to-Print:

  • Orc Pirate Apothecary

  • Goblin Pirate Coach

  • Squig Coach Assisstant

  • Orc Pirate Shaman

  • Star Player Orc Chainsaw

  • Troll Pirate Alternative

  • Star Player Goblin Bombardier

  • Star Player Orc Warlord

Additionally, you get : 

  • Welcome Pack (9 exclusive Hero miniatures and 33 bases)

  • Access to our community.

  • Access to the polls - you will decide what we sculpt next.

  • Access to the preview updates, WIP models, streams, contests, and more!

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Please note that all the STL files are for your personal use.

Includes Discord benefits
  • Download STL-files



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