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You get a special 2.5 inch, acrylic, holographic button that when shown to me at conventions gets you free goodies!  [Can only be redeemed for the duration of your patronage!]  Membership Buttons be mailed ($5+ tiers only) or picked up at shows ($1 tier.)

You also get:
Free Sketch Requests during Twitch request streams

★Monthly Coupon Codes

★Monthly Downloadable Coloring Page!

★Sketchbook Pages and WiPs! From doodle dumps to character design/creation

★First Looks/Sneak peeks at merch in the creative process before it's announced on social media

★Watermarked Completed Artwork

Access to the Patreon/Twitch Sub Only Discord

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Special themed monthly Stickers! Each month I will have 1 high quality vinyl sticker (unless another material is mentioned!) mailed straight to you!

[Please Note: All rewards and Starter Packs are shipped First-Class by USPS without tracking and I cannot be held responsible for missing/lost packages!]

Includes Discord rewards
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Special themed monthly goodie(s)! Each month I will have 1 to 2 charms/key-chains/button sets/mini prints mailed directly to you! [International shipping will need to be paid separately via paypal.]

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About Dandy


Hi there, 
I'm Dandy! I love drawing, video games, and all things cute! I'm using Patreon to make more products for my small business, Pupcakes & Cupcats!

 Pupcakes & Cupcats is the small business I dreamed about starting in 2016 when I doodled a chubby puppy in a cupcake wrapper. I had been selling in Artist Alley for about 6 years at that point selling mostly fanart eager to start selling my original work-- which I've started doing in full force since the launch of this Patreon! 

When you join my Patreon you'll receive monthly Rewards as my thanks!
 Rewards will be downloadable (for $1 Patrons) and come with a physical reward too (for $5+ Patrons)! Physical rewards can be anything from key chains, vinyl stickers, merch from the shop (and ocassionally acrylic key chains and charms made exclusively for Patreon.)
  • When do rewards go out?
    All downloadable rewards go out via a link on Patreon the following month when all payments have cleared pending convention schedules.
  • When you hit a Goal, when will the rewards and or coupon codes be released?
    When a Milestone goal is reached for a reward tier (For example: art streaming) they will be activated on the following month!  
  • When will my $15 Patron monthly items ship?
    All rewards will ship the first weekend of the following month after all payments have cleared-- pending convention schedules.
    Please Note: All rewards and Starter Packs are shipped First-Class by USPS without tracking and I cannot be held responsible for missing/lost packages!
  • Why Patreon? 
    Running your own small business means almost every penny goes back into the machine with not very much overhead. Patreon helps me provide more content here, products online/in the shop and take on new projects (like my comic!)
  • When will I be charged?
    The subscription for my Patreon is once a month! 
If you need more information on Patreon and it's workings check out their FAQ.  

Can I buy any of the Downloadables or other goodies outside of Patreon?
Some rewards are Patreon exclusive- meaning they will never be available anywhere but here on Patreon. Non-Exclusive rewards will be made available in the etsy shop so don't forget to use your monthly discount codeYou can buy prints and charms/items from my Etsy! However, all Downloadables will be available a month later for non-Patrons.

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At this goal level I'll be able to add another sticker to the monthly shipment to those in the $15 tier!
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