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Puppet Academy creators have 70 years of combined experiences we want to share with you!
And the Puppet Academy team wants your input to grow Puppet Academy with us.
Play the Family App that you will receive as a Family Patron and send us your personal feedback in the community chat. Your input will guide our further creation.
The team is excited to provide exclusive updates on their work....puppets, scenes etc.
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  • Patron-only development updates
  • Chat community
  • Digital download of Family App

Family Pro

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We're excited to share the Family Puppet Academy app with you and look forward to your feedback!
With access to video demos and content news from our professional team you will maximize your play with family and friends And we will benefit from your comments and suggestions.
You will receive:
  • Patron only development updates
  • Chat community
  • Video tutorials and demos
  • Blogs re Social Talk and other Play Options
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About SaySo Communication

As a family, what happens when you say....."Let's just talk"
Feel at a loss?
Family social talk can be a challenge. And isolating.
What could have short, fun, easy social talk?

Puppet Academy has a new way to support conversation.
It's for children aged 6-14 to play with family and friends.
And we want you, as a family, to participate!

Together let's be the creators of positive, productive social talk.
Your Feedback will shape Puppet Academy...and lighten the effort for everyone.
Your input is valued and recognized.
Puppet Academy is a community just for us and for you to talk together.

Building a Family Community--Join Us on Patreon! Simply click on the "Become a Patron" button to create your Patreon account and choose either the Family Patron or Family Pro tier.

Puppet Academy is an app that is played on a laptop or desktop computer using xBox or Playstation controllers. Play can be multi-player in one location or remotely.

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