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Tips for Ginko and Yoshi
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Yes Ginko and Yoshi are real cats!

Weekly comics every monday ginkoyoshi.com

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I currently draw little cards in name card size to include per package for people who buy my sewing, I hope this will hopefully keep it on going!

+ First dibs to preorder new doll clothing designs

+ Early photowalk previews

+ Access to Polls

+ How to/Tips for simple props/Reviews

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About puppy52

Hi! I'm Chun/puppy52, I draw a weekly comic strip called House with 2 cats (english version). The most current Chinese version of the comics is published weekly in the Chinese newspapers in Singapore as 家有2猫 since 2012, but I had been drawing for way longer.

I also design and make doll clothing, currently I am focusing on clothes for Smart dolls.
Process includes making patterns from scratch/sewing/styling/take photos/make listings/pack/ship.

When I pack my hand made clothing, I include a hand drawn doodle per package.
There were a few times I thought of stopping, but instead of that I thought if I try to make it somehow rewarding for myself and my audience, it will give me some incentive to keep it going!

Eventually if this takes off, I hope to do more rewards (early bird previews/preorders, behind the scenes vlogs? Simple tutorials?) without having to worry about the cost of time/materials eating into living expenses. Thank you for reading this far, I hope you will like what I will put up here soon -- I will figure out a schedule somehow!
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I wish to have my digital illustrations to help me to make designing/making doll clothes more sustainable, so I can do it for longer and be more help with bills!
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