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Puppygames are a micro-studio from the UK. We've been making games since 2002, four of which you can still buy today (and help support our cause!). See our website for details of Revenge of the Titans, Ultratron, Titan Attacks and Droid Assault.


Somerset, UK

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Hello my lovelies. Quite a while back Puppygames started making a free massively multiplayer online game called Battledroid. When we say it's free, we really mean that it's free. Everything in the game is available to everyone. There's no grind, no pay-to-win. Our plan was to finance it through selling collectable robots for your armies, either as microtransactions and/or through subscription payments from dedicated fans. Have a read through about Battledroid to see where we were coming from.

We're still working on it! But we have a small problem.

It's going to take us another year before we can get it to publicly releasable state! And we don't have enough money to finance its development.

What we're looking for is a few hundred early adopters who want to be there right at the start, who can sponsor the development of the game over the next year. You shall be our vanguard, our saviours, and our most valuable feedback as we develop the game.

Your support will enable me (Caspian), genius ultraminion Alli, and virtuoso artist Chaz to work on Battledroid without panic, and without getting distracted by such mundane things as being evicted or hungry, until such a time as we can release it into the wild and let it stand on its own wobbly feet.

Why aren't you just doing a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter will waste two months of our precious development time as we curate it. Furthermore, Puppygames has a high bar for quality and polish - we don't let anything out the door that that isn't shiny enough to see your face in. With Patreon, we can reach the that level of quality.

Can we trust you to deliver?

Puppygames has been in this business for 12 gruelling years, and we've already got a track record of highly acclaimed games including Revenge of the Titans, Titan Attacks, Ultratron and Droid Assault amongst others (all currently available on Steam). Battledroid is already halfway completed. We're employing the latest best-practices in project management and development, with agile techniques and rapid release cycles. We will be delivering a monthly build for everyone to fiddle with, every month, via Steam, and we will be relying on your feedback.

Am I supporting Puppygames or Battledroid?

Right now, Battledroid is what interests us, but inevitably we've got a billion ideas and only approximately 24 fingers and six thumbs between us. More if you count toes too. If you're interested in Puppygames making more games in general but don't have time to play games like Battledroid (which we hope will take over your life), your sponsorship is also warmly welcomed and we'll put it to good use, doing what we do. Only better.
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