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About PurePortal

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2) Link your PurePortal-Account with Patreon

We are a small team and develop mostly in our spare time programs and games (although this is brand new).
We look for projects in which we can let off steam visually. New challenges are always our goal. You only get better if you always try something new :)
We hope you enjoy our projects and hope for a lot of motivation and interest!

This is one of our first applications we created. It is currently in beta state but will be released soon. We develop this software since over 1 year continuously. With this software you can create your own visuall wallpaper and share them with others. Also you can create your own extensions (items you use to design your wallpaper). But that requires a small amount of programming skills. But dont worry, we will help you \(^o^)/

This is our second application. Just a small side project based on PureDesktop. We developed that tool to make our life easier. It is really at the beginning (early pre-alpha) and there are a lots of missing features. We will extend that tool in the future.

You really want to know why we want money? 
Who else should pay for our yachts and villas? Joke! We have some costs to cover for which we can make good use of the money. These are firstly the operating costs, such as the power for the server or hardware changes. In addition, we have to protect ourselves with insurance (data theft, hacking, ...). Then things like fixed IP address and account fees come at a cost. We do not expect to become rich, but at least we want to get our expenses back in. For that we thank you ♥