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About VikingsTerritory and purplePTSD and are two sister sites with the same mission, to create a one-stop resource for Minnesota Vikings fans. From breaking news and a brand new message board to podcasts, fan get-togethers and Youtube shows, from discounted tickets and live streaming the access we get thanks to our press passes, none of this would exist if not for the amazing support we've received from our readers/community! was founded in May of 2015 by Joe Johnson, a life-long Vikings fan who was diagnosed with PTSD in 2014. Since the launch, we've added over twenty writers from across the country and amassed one of the most dedicated and amazing reader bases in the industry. Joe purchased before the 2017 season and together with, our sites are the dream of a couple Vikings fans who really want to reflect the thoughts and interests of the hyperdiverse Vikings fan-base and we couldn't be more excited about the response we've received thus far. Before the 2018 season, we also launched the purpleTERRITORY Radio Network, which has over TEN Minnesota Vikings related podcasts/video shows (one of which is in Spanish!), which goes to show that we're constantly looking for ways to reach you and provide you with the best Vikings content, period.

With your help, we have some great plans to expand our network to really create the best reader/fan experience in the game and every dollar that we receive from our Patreon will go right back into the site to ensure that you receive the best content, community and access of any sports site... EVAR! 

Plus, as Vikings fans we all know that misery loves company, so if that's not worth $5 a month I don't know what is!

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