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About Speakeasy Club Purple Hazzze

Hello, pleasure lovers!

We are an indie dev team with a background in coding, game design, characters design & VFX animations. For years we've been working as contractors for AAA studios and corporate customers, while some of us are freelancers for their lives) Not so long ago we decided to combine all our experience and expertise in game development and suppress that perfect storm of Virtual Reality while keeping in mind that PC users are still out there! 🖖 👽

So yes, we simply decided to create our own Virtual speakeasy space where everybody can live their lives the way they want, experience breath-taking performances, communicate and hang out with friends, meet new people, have fun of any sort, play different mini-games, create and customize anything from avatars to the whole locations!

Here we want to show you our first step on this route - Speakeasy Club Purple Hazzze! 😎 💜
With this project, we want to bring full immersion and an unbelievable experience to each of you! The main idea is to deliver lots of fun and satisfaction from gameplay, various mechanics & interactions, as well as catch your attention with stunning graphics and interactive storytelling!  

Thus, we decided to develop high-quality virtual entertainment for adults with unique lifestyles! We decided to go with VR as our main platform as it brings the most immersive experience possible now while setting out the highest possible standards for quality and optimization. But, we don't want to bound or restrict our players and ourselves, too. We are going to make a desktop version following by a satellite mobile app and consequent port to consoles, of course if you will support!   

Our only motto - is FFF, whichstands for Freaks, Fun, and Fetish! And you'll get exactly that! Meet pleasure lovers like yourself!

F | Freaks - means a broad range of extraordinary realistic species with the extravagant appearance and defiant behavior that inhabited there:
- human (for ordinary folks)
- cyborgs
- extraterrestrial
- anime
- furries
- dolls& more to come

F | Fun - we want to bring the pleasure of all sorts to you and your friends, you'll be able to entertain, experience, relax, play, communicate, listen to music and watch videos while checking these jaw-dropping species performing for you!  

F | Fetish - OMG!! only your imagination can stop you here! Customize everything you want - avatars, clothes, accessories, and even locations, choose the music you want and videos that you like! Set up the atmosphere of how you would like it to be and be real yourself there with the freedom that VR gives you! 

It seems that we caught your attention here, right? Yeah, we also think it's going to be a mad & mind-blowing journey!! Take a deep breath now!

Let's dig deeper into that virtual speakeasy club! You are about to make the first step together with us, please prepare yourself for this trip, be strong and solid, ready to criticize and support us! Let your hands and eyes experience the first-ever intergalactic speakeasy club - Purple Hazzze! 

All extraordinary species & creatures from infinite galaxies light-years away will perform for you if you assist us on this journey! 

We are going to share general information about our progress and news on our social networks accounts, if you want to support us non financially, please follow us there, RTs and likes are much appreciated! 🙃

Follow us here:
1. Twitter
2. Instagram
3. Facebook

4. Discord
5. Streams are on the way

This is the point where intergalactic hazzze dissipates... 

Earthlings, behold!
The intergalactic Speakeasy club for mature connoisseursPurple Hazzze opens a portal for all Earthlings! It's your turn now, don't miss out!

Freaks, Fun, and Fetish unite here!🤪

Soon you’ll have the opportunity to visit this exquisite club, full of charm and limitless fantasies! 

At a time when borders are again being drawn around and restrictions are being established, we believe that there should be no prohibitions on communication and the realization of our most secret desires!

Purple Hazzze is a versatile and unpredictable speakeasy club where anyone can find entertainment and communication based on their own interests, without the embarrassment of any sort or fear of condemnation. Open your mind and let the future happen! 

Purple Hazzze is a place where you’ll meet exquisite representatives of the most remote and unbelievable galaxies as well as real people.

Using any VR HMD or PC you can access Purple Hazzze from anywhere in the galaxy. It's your portal to a virtual club, full of unexplored sensations. 

We are ready to open for you the first level of guest access to the club, where you'll find yourself in the company of dancing species exclusively for you, do you want to know who is waiting there for you? The four-eyed Kira, a cybernetic Elise, and a human being Ginger eagerly want to see you there! Don't forget that other Earthlings are on the way to join you for even more lively & immersive communication and interaction! And who knows who you would meet there?

Purple Hazzze is an intergalactic magnet for a variety of open-minded individuals looking for real pleasure! And it is right here, leave your earthly problems and worries and come in! Visit the most desirable locations and situations that your imagination can draw, while staying at the most comfortable and safe place - your home! 

Remember, Earthlings, the FFF motto of Purple Hazzze - Freaks, Fun & Fetish!!!
It is the only one that matters! 😈

All members of Purple Hazzze from other planets actively participate in the development of the club, so becoming a member means that you will be able to:
+ express your opinion
share desires, fantasies & fetishes
+ vote for changes and improvements

+ offer breakthrough solutions
+ test gameplay and mechanics
+ adjust storyline
+ create stories 
+ have insider access to the dev materials

+ and way more to come!

Purple Hazzze is the embodiment of your fantasies!

, we need your support and help in financing the development of this amazing space! 👀

Let us together make the Purple Hazzze  the brightest lighthouse in the endless universe, which allures all amazing races and species, lighting up all our fantasies and revealing to us new knowledge and approaches to get pleasure, entertainment, and satisfaction!                                                                             
                                                                     😍 💜 👽

Here you can download a free tech demo of Purple Hazzze:



6% complete
Achieving this first goal brings to us assurance that the Earth is the perfect place for a portal to our club and that you are firmly committed and want its opening! We in turn, will be ready to show you how the club is designed inside, share private frank & nudes photo and videos of the performers (available only for our patrons), show how our advanced rigs move so far and tell personal stories of residents and some intriguing mechanics! Your input will turn the whole universe upside down!
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