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About Sam Lavi

Hello! Welcome to my page, and thanks for support and contributions. I hope you'll enjoy your time spent here, whether reading or posting. As the community grows, so too will my submissions and level of interaction, thanks for getting to know me and helping support my passion.

For $1 a month have access to all my work. For $3 a month there is a chance each month you will receive a dedicated poem.. I'll choose once a month from among my patrons and aim to eventually have written for each one. For the highest band of $11 enjoy the opportunity to commission your own work, one time per month.

Each of your dollars will help me to pursue this career, to one day go full-time as a poet... plus see the poem(s) written for you added to the feed and possibly in future published work!

Ongoing - Dedicated poems: 8 poems
Ongoing - Loose poems: 16 poems
Completed series - On love, 9 poems
Completed series - Search for Suns (2015) 10 poems
2 of 10 patrons
Wow... this is considerable! At this milestone I'll start uploading to a schedule. Thanks for getting me this far!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post