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About The Purple Stuff Podcast

Hi! This is Jay and Matt from The Purple Stuff Podcast. We started our “variety show” podcast in 2015. If you’re reading this, you probably knew that.

Our listeners have been tremendous motivators for us. Now we’re looking to the future to figure out if the show can become more than this little thing we do as time permits -- which is where Patreon comes in.

For now, this is a simple campaign with just two tiers.

If you dig the show and just want to throw a few bucks at it on a monthly basis, you can do that here. That’s for any contributions of under $6 a month. You’ll gain access to our exclusive text/photo Patreon posts at that level, but those are really just small extras.

Our “exclusive” tier is for anyone who donates $6 or more. At that tier, you’ll get access to a monthly bonus Q&A show that will be distributed via Patreon. (You’ll also receive any text/photo posts available for the lower tiers.) The bonus Q&A shows at the $6+ will likely clock in at about 30 minutes or so each, and we’ll be soliciting questions directly from you, right here on Patreon.

As for our regular “for everyone” shows, we are aiming to do 2 per month, but we'll always do at least one “big” show a month. Obviously, we’ll need to see how this Patreon campaign performs before we can decide how much more time and pressure to apply to the show. Our hope, of course, is to see enough potential to really make a go of it!

Keep in mind: Nobody is expected to become a patron. If you can’t afford it or simply don’t want to spend money on the show, that’s totally fine and we’re still happy to have you as a listener. Our regular show will still be accessible to you, the same as it's always been.

But if you are down to chip in, thanks for helping us “grow the show” -- we have a ton of ideas swirling around our heads and are very excited about the possibilities!

More info to come, once we settle in!
500 - reached! patrons
This lofty goal may go unrealized forever, but hey, big goals are big motivators. We're not totally sure what will happen when/if we ever hit 200 patrons, but we're guessing it'll start with a shot of Patron. (How fitting!)
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