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Jason Michael Baumgartner

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About Jason Michael Baumgartner

My name is Jason Baumgartner and I am the creator and maintainer of Pushshift.io. I provide an open API for Reddit data that allows people to search comments and submissions. You can visit https://www.reddit.com/r/pushshift to get more information on the services I provide.

Along with providing an API, I ingest and aggregate data from multiple sources such as Reddit and provide monthly dumps for researchers and academic institutions to use. To date, over 40 academic papers have used my services to assist in capturing and analyzing data.

The goal of Pushshift.io is to provide data for research purposes and to also provide open-source code for people to use for analyzing that data. I keep an active Github account located here: https://github.com/pushshift

Funds collected from Patreon and direct donations go towards maintaining the API and necessary hardware. With your help, I will continue to expand the services offered by the Pushshift API and will continue to work hard to add new features and capabilities. As always, I welcome suggestions and criticisms from everyone so that I can expand Pushshift and make it more useful as time progresses.

Thank you for your support!
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This amount will allow Pushshift to pay all the bills related to maintaining the API and cover the daily maintenance needed to keep the service healthy.
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