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I am Ashu Tosh, A full-time YouTuber. I run a website Puzzlegamemaster.com to provide Answers to word games and hints and walkthrough guide for free. My website gets a traffic of around 500K page views per month, I was getting enough money for my needs. 

But, On Sept 19, 2019, My Youtube Channel got demonetized by Youtube. That channel has 41k+ subscribers and has around 38 Million video views on my channel.

Now I Had to make a patreon page for Your support. I am sure if I get 10 patreons from my subscribers and visitors it will be enough to pay for the hosting charges of this website. And I purchase in-game hints when I solve various games. Thank you very much. I Will provide your requested game solutions and walkthrough guides on my website and upload videos for the same game on my youtube channel Android Legend.

For my Elite Patreons:
for those who support me more than 50$, you can post your game/App Advertisement on my website for Free. Website has a traffic of around 500K pageviews per month. It will help you get more downloads. You will have access to my personal email. 

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