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        About Jake

        Hi. I'm creating Puzzle Massive in my spare time as a hobby.   It's far from done, and I have many more features planned.

        Not familiar with Puzzle Massive?  Well, it's a Massively Multiplayer Online Jigsaw Puzzle website where everyone can work on a puzzle together at the same time.  The puzzles range from 50 to 5000+ pieces and are all uniquely generated in the classic interlocking piece shapes (for now).

        There are lots of new ideas and things that I want to improve on the site.  I'm using Patreon in order to keep me motivated and to connect with my patrons.  

        Puzzle Massive is an open source project and so anyone can contribute to the source code and documentation.  The source code and issues can be found at https://github.com/jkenlooper/puzzle-massive and I try to keep some issues open that anyone can help with.

        Why not become a patron and help me make Puzzle Massive even better?

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