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About PWCSponson

Welcome to Sponson's Patreon page!

Hi! I'm [PWC]Sponson, and I write and illustrate highly weird and erotic pictures and comics. My content includes both original work and fan art involving breast expansion, futanari, and hyper-size as well as some more crazy-niche fetishes.
This page is for my fans, fans who would like to see more of what I do, and who would like to support me in my endeavors!

Please note that I don't enjoy heavy pay-wall exclusivity when it comes to art, and so almost all the finished work published here can be gotten on my site and blog. That being said, Patrons will get access to sketches, in-progress work, and stories, as well as higher-res/alternate versions of images.

I (try) to update Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights.

There are three main places that I post work,

My website, where I sell comics and post artwork in the gallery. It's slick, and it's got just about everything!

My twitter blog, where you can find work in all shapes in sizes. I interact with my fans the most there!

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