Q.G. Pennyworth is creating Absurdist Propaganda

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Nonsense Enthusiast

$5 /mo
Get access to depreciated versions of Holy Nonsense page designs as high quality jpg files.

Custom Marginalia

$10 /mo
At this level, you may request one piece of custom marginalia per month. This may be either a decorative treatment of a small phrase, or an image mash-up.

Custom Flyer or Single Page

$20 /mo
Patrons at this level may request one custom flyer or single page design per month. You supply the words, I do the layout. Deliverable as high quality jpg and/or pdf at your preference.

Custom Large Print Image

$50 /mo
Patrons at this level may request one large scale, print ready image per month. These may be full color collages with or without text, or pretty typography. These images will be delivered as high q...

What are you even...?

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I don't even know. You want me to write some epic poetry singing your praises? That seems fair.