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Rest for Resistance publishes writing & art by QTPoC. If you are not a queer / trans person of color, you have greater access to resources than our creators.

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Rest for Resistance is a zine & intersectional resources directory by QTPoC Mental Health. Check out our articles on self-care, coping as an activist, how our privileges can be healing, and more at

Every $1 we raises enables our community-led healing work to reach 10 marginalized people. One-time donations can be made through our website, and tax-deductible options are made available by our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. but what R4R needs to thrive is a community of sustainers who find pride in redistributing resources to queer and trans folks, folks of color, disabled folks and other people in the margins of social support.

Our international team consists of queer & trans people of color (QTPoC) who are passionate about creating emotional support for our many diverse communities. Since QTPoC is inclusive of all genders, all religions and spiritual practices (and lack thereof), all sexual identities, all levels of ability, and every region on the planet, the resources we create have the potential to help millions of people.

"Study after study shows that having a good support network constitutes the single most powerful protection against becoming traumatized," explains The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma. Yet many QTPoC are affected by the inherent isolation in having multiple marginalized identities, meaning we have fewer loved ones who can understand our challenges when we need help.

On top of that, barriers to health care access, lack of appropriate mental health care services, poverty, and hate crimes create undue stress. It’s no wonder our communities are so affected by depression, anxiety, and chronic suicidality. QTPoC Mental Health is deeply committed to creating community healing spaces and developing free-to-access resources that help us survive.

Check out this list of intersectional mental health articles we've rounded up for you to learn more about these issues. And please share!

Since March 2015, QTPoC Mental Health has been addressing these gaps in community health care. We host monthly QTPoC Meditations in NYC, run an online peer support space with 4000+ members, share intersectional mental health resources on social media & create original resources on Rest for Resistance too. :)

Please donate to uplift those who experience emotional distress and go without affordable, accessible support. Help us create more resources for LGBTQIA+ communities and POC who are struggling to survive.

You can also support our community by purchasing Rest for Resistance zines, hoodies, tees, bags, and more on
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This covers the cost of publishing original articles, including art, writing, editing, and web hosting fees. Browse everything we've done so far in the Rest for Resistance archives.
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