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Hi, it's me. Your favorite blogger about your favorite polarizing topic. You know I love to write for you, but the forum I've used for the past few years has been putting me into a slow choke hold. I'm torn between stopping or moving, and stopping isn't really an option. This is my calling. So I've decided to move. I can't thank you enough for following me over here. 

If you're new to my blog, my writing is for parents who want to get beyond the CDC and media talking points, and get to the truth about what we're putting into our kids in the name of health. I'm not writing rants here. I use the CDC's own statistics, and cite to the WHO, FDA, and peer-reviewed journals throughout my work. 

This account isn't the end game. I am working on something big, and when it launches you may never know who's behind it. But know that your money is going to saving the next generation of newborns.

I've moved over 4 of my best blogs for Patrons only, and 1 for the public. From here on out it's only new content.

This account is now set up to charge new patrons when they join, and going forward will charge on the first day of the month. If there is an issue (such as you joined on the 29th and paid on the 29th and again a few days later) send me a note and I can issue a refund. 
150 - reached! patrons
When we reach 150 of us total, I'll start the Q&A section, mmmkay? I'll send an update when we do, and we'll launch this tier benefit. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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