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About QualityQontrol

Hey, I'm Addison! I'm a hobbyist tabletop story-game designer and shambling caffeine golem. [He/him (or they/them).]

I make games because its fun, and I think its a better way of teachin' than preachin'. So my plan is to post smaller games here as I complete them, along with updates about larger projects I'm working on as I have them.

That said, I'll probably post the odd design-philosophy essay from time to time just to get an idea out of my head and keep the back-to-school-nightmare demons appeased.

My designs are the product of my daydreams—the daydreams of someone who imagines doing design work is an acceptable way to kick back and relax—so, they usually have some sci-fi flavor or another, because that's where my imagination goes.

Anyway, I hope you like my stuff! If you do, I hope you'll consider becoming a patron to help me monetize my daydreams. I'd appreciate it!

If that seems like too much commitment, or if you want a preview before you subscribe, you can check out my games here: https://qualityqontrol.itch.io/
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