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About Andy and Michael


This is Andy Matuschak and Michael Nielsen. We're developing as part of a broader series of explorations on tools for thought.

Quantum Country is, in part, a series of essays explaining quantum computing and quantum mechanics. Over the next few months we'll release essays explaining the quantum search algorithm, quantum teleportation, quantum mechanics itself, and perhaps others.

Quantum Country is also a research project, an experiment in developing a new mnemonic medium that makes it almost effortless for people to remember what they read. How well can such a medium be made to work? What can we learn from it? We will keep developing the medium, and will publish one or more research essays explaining what we've learned.

Over the longer term, we believe there's a lot of low-hanging fruit like the mnemonic medium - new media forms that will enable people to learn and create in powerful new ways. And so we're going to explore how that can be done!

Both Andy and Michael are working on this near fulltime. Your support will help fund Andy and Michael, and also the miscellaneous costs associated to running this (hosting, other backend services, and so on).

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