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About Quantum Space

This is the page to support the development of Quantum Space!

What is Quantum Space?

It is a new client for one of the longest running Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, subspace. The original client was released in 1997 with a replacement in 2001. Quantum Space is the next generation client hoping to grow on the amazing game and re-invigorate the community of players.

Project History

My name is Warren (POiD online) and I've been a player, zone staffer and developer in Subspace since 2000. A few years ago, seeing the decline of the subspace player base, I stepped aside as a system operator of the game's biggest zone, to take on a part time project to make a new client to tackle this issue. Only via a new client could we truly spice up the subspace community and encourage new players to play the game and join our community.

Thus Quantum Space was born in my free time. It stayed this way for a few years until November 2018 when I decided to start working on it full-time, putting aside paid work, so as to accelerate client completion.

Project Goals

There are many short and long term goals for this project, but the main reasons for it are to:
  • Make it easier / quicker to start playing!
  • Improve the Graphics (Look) of the game
  • Make it available on more than just PC! (Linux, Mac, Android & iOS tablets)
  • Start adding new features! (Ships, weapons, leagues)

To make this project a complete success, more than just a client is needed. New name login and game servers too!
I've already created the name server during the last few months of work, but eventually a new Game Server will also be needed to support the long term goals and expand the game!

Why should I support this project via Patreon?

Your support here on Patreon will make it possible for me to continue working on this project full-time and to also engage the additional people needed to help make it a reality (Artistic help).

What do I get for my support?

The benefits depend on the tier you join.
Each tier will be recognized on Discord as a supporter, which will open you up to participating in Patreon only feedback sections.
Additionally you may receive one or more of the following:
  • Access to the Alpha (incomplete and under development) client 
  • Access to the Beta (finished but under testing) client (when available)
  • Access to Android and/or Mac versions of the alpha / beta client
  • Your name put in the client recognizing your support for all time!

Under the Alpha client benefit you will get different access depending on your pledge:
1) Spectator only mode. You can join arenas and watch from spec but not join in.
2) Play in the "QuantumSpace" sub arena with other client users.
3) Play in any private arena and the "QuantumSpace" arena.
I'm limiting the alpha to these options as not all functionality is there yet and I don't want people using it to influence games against people using other clients.
I expect the Alpha client to be ready before September 2019.

Access to the Android / Mac builds will be available once I've been able to spend time creating them from the base PC version I'm working on now. This will naturally happen after the PC version is ready, or can be fast-tracked with the appropriate Patreon goals!

Once the Alpha client is available, download links for the client will be provided after the first billing by Patreon (1st of the month) and your email account access will be setup to allow you to login with it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. I'm available in game (POiD) almost daily and in the Discord channel too.

Quantum Space Discord Channel:
Please invite whoever you will: https://discord.gg/S26weBw

Thanks for your help in continuing this adventure!

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I'll immediately start work on the Android build of Quantum Space and ensure all future updated releases of the client are to both the PC and Android platform!
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