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About Quatr.us Study Guides

Quatr.us Study Guides got started 25 years ago - a quarter of a century, wow! I've been averaging two articles a week for that whole time, so now there are more than 2500 articles, and I'm still writing new ones. About ten thousand students use the site every day - about three million a year, many of them in places where it's pretty hard to find stuff out.

Quatr.us was first university-supported (as History for Kids) and now it's ad-supported but wouldn't it be great to be patron-supported instead?

Here's the deal: every time I get a new patron, I'll take down the ads on one page (feel free to suggest which one!). When I reach 2500 supporters, the site will be completely ad-free! 

Make that happen sooner - tell a friend! Tell all your friends! Each one, tell one! This is a great way to put your privilege - having $2 a month to spare - to work helping kids who don't have that to have a better experience.
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$1000 will mean that almost half our articles with no ads on them - it means hundreds of thousands of students around the world who can do their research and write their report without the distraction of ads! What should I do when we get there? (Besides a happy dance on video!) - Let's try to get there in time to match with the publication of my book about the year 1000 AD - more on that later! 
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