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my name's anna. i'm a play designer, writer and historian. making a living off these things is tricky but your support on patreon helps me make ends meet and continue to put out lots of free little games.

some of the free games patreon has funded include:

dungeon janitor's apprentice
a wish for something better
gay cats go to the weird weird woods
aunt flora's mansion
star court
queers in love at the end of the world

and just look at what i've been up to lately! see all those "for patrons only" posts? those are all sneak previews and updates on stuff i haven't finished yet. they're playable demos and early access copies of unreleased games. for as little as one dollar a month, you can see them all!

this money helps me keep a roof over my head and food in encyclopedia frown's bowl. thanks so much for your support!
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