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my name's anna. i'm a game designer, writer, historian, speaker and artist. here are some things i've done:

the latter three free games were funded by this patreon page - without it, i wouldn't be able to work on projects like these. that's what you're funding if you support me on patreon: you'll be helping me pay my rent so i can create and post games like these, free for everyone to play.

patrons will get charged every month. every month i will post at least one free game. patrons also get access to constant updates about projects i'm working on, games and otherwise, including early demos and sneak previews of games, and sometimes entire free games! some recent updates include a memoir piece on cybersex, previews of art and photography for new zines, and dialogue from an upcoming comic.

this money helps me keep a roof over my head and food in my gay cats' bowl. thanks so much for your support!
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