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About Queen Tomca — The Royal Goddess

Yaaay! You made it to my patreon page. I am Queen Tomca, a Life coach and an entrepreneur. I have dedicated my life into the art of living a fulfilled, well rounded and generous lifestyle which i teach in so many creative  and empowering ways. I create podcasts aimed at putting out explosive, raw and relatable contents on our mindsets and how to self-heal from different types of traumas (physical, mental and spiritual hygiene practices). I share YouTube videos on the fundamentals on life, yoga, acupressure, self-development, inner peace, motivation, general wellness, DIY's, exciting vlogs and my lifestyle.

My commitment: I commit to continue creating, teaching, volunteering with organizations that I believe in and sharing what we did and why. I will promote these types of actions and projects and will publicly speak at every opportunity I am given or can create. Additionally, any task at hand that makes the world a little wealthier, loving, happier, or safer will be one that I pick up.

Coming soon: The Youtube channel Queen Tomca - The royal Goddess documenting my actions, talks, documentaries and videos on various related topics will be ready soon.

Currently I am planning on three sections:
  1. The volunteering I do and the organizations themselves.
  2. The principles I aspire towards and promote.
  3. Documentaries about holistic living and ancient african practices
  4. Empowering weekly podcasts focusing on feminine energies
Visit my website www.barisity.com. It is a written and visual content of my actions, lifestyle and philosophies.

Also, this will become a more complete Patreon page with videos and other media.

Your monthly contributions encourage me! They tell me that you want this to continue and for these messages to spread. They grant me the ability to secure my health, food, transportation, and the tools I may need to be of service and create the content surrounding my work. I’d appreciate your support, no matter how little. Thank you for your generosity.

Thanks with love,

Queen Tomca

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