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- Free downloads of EVERY QKS song and chord sheet!

- You get to support LGBTQ+ and social justice education for kiddos!

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- Early access to brand new QKS videos!

- Free downloads of EVERY QKS song and chord sheet!

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About Queer Kid Stuff

QUEER KID STUFF imagines a kinder and more equal future through queer-inclusive educational entertainment for all ages. Hosted by a tie-wearing queer human, Lindsay, and their best-stuffed friend, Teddy, it’s Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood meets Gender Studies 101!

Why is QUEER KID STUFF important?
Queer representation and content for children is scarce and QUEER KID STUFF aims to eliminate stigma by educating future generations through queer-inclusive videos specifically made for kids. Parents, teachers and LGBTQ+ adults can use the video as a tool to help them explain queerness to the kids in their lives; recommended for all ages!

Why should you become a QUEER KID STUFF Patron?
QUEER KID STUFF videos and resources are all completely and totally FREE! BUT, they are not free to make. We have an amazing crew of queer, trans, and non-binary people who put their whole hearts into making QKS amazing. In order to maintain the high-quality of our videos, we need to pay those amazing humans! Supporting my Patreon means you are helping me pay that amazing crew, and additional monthly fees for our video editing software, closed captioning services, website and social media upkeep, and guest stipends.

Patreon is awesome! It's different than other crowdfunding platforms because it is ongoing! You donate in smaller increments ($1-$25) and you pay per month, kinda like a subscription! Neat, right? You get some sweet sweet rewards too!

How did QUEER KID STUFF get started?
One fine day, Lindsay had a question for Google. They asked, "what does gay mean?" like any kids nowadays does when they hear a new word. But what came up was disappointing. The results were a dictionary definition and a how-to-explain guide for parents, teachers, and other adults, but there were no resources made for kids. Lindsay wanted to change that.

Our pilot episode: What Does Gay Mean? premiered in May 2016 and we've been going strong ever since! We've had amazing recognition from some incredible organizations, reaching over 1.5M views on our YouTube videos in two years! We wrapped Season 3 in July 2018, and we'll be making another two seasons of episodes through 2020. 

What are people saying about QUEER KID STUFF?
“There's Now a Fun Way to Teach Your Kids Their LGBTs” - Parents Magazine

“It’s pretty adorable, from the stop-animation opening song to the friendly playroom-styled set to Amer’s delivery of educational content in a fun, accessible way with chalkboard illustrations. There’s even a clever joke about bears!” - Autostraddle

“The show’s fun, accessible format (the theme song already has me singing along) is ideal for educating kids about what it means to be LGBT. The short weekly episodes provide the perfect conversation starter for parents who want to talk to their kids about sexuality, but haven’t found the right approach. Oh, and did I mention that Teddy is seriously adorable?” - Hellogiggles

We've also worked with a few AWESOME organizations:

A little bit about Lindsay, creator & host of QUEER KID STUFF:
Lindsay is a queer activist, artist, and storyteller. They obtained their BS from Northwestern University in theater and gender studies and their MA from Queen Mary University of London for theatre and performance studies. They were named a Rising Star by GLAAD, are a Webby Award Honoree, and have been recognized by HuffPost, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, and Kidscreen for their work. They also serve as co-founder and artistic associate of Bluelaces Theater Company, making multi-sensory theatrical experiences for people with autism and other developmental differences in New York. When they’re not taking down the patriarchy, they’re probably roaming around Brooklyn with their uke, their incredible partner, and their new puppy! Follow their shenanigans on twitter and instagram @lindzamer
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