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Queerly Represent Me is a not-for-profit consultation and research organisation. We work with companies to consult on their games, events, and studio culture, and use proceeds from these contracts to provide free resources and services to the wider community, particularly to give a voice to queer developers and support the creation of queer content.

We provide individualised consultations and freely available public resources, we maintain a database of games that represent queer perspectives and feature queer content, and provide links to further resources and research. We travel to conferences and conventions to spread our research widely, and make as many of our talks available online as possible.

We aim to help individuals familarise themselves with and access more texts that represent them, and to help aspiring marginalised developers find the confidence to pursue their careers. We also hope to provide allies with resources and support to make the world a better place for marginalised people. Ongoing discussion around representation and diversity is inevitable—and vital—and Queerly Represent Me seeks to be a key voice within this conversation.

Your money will be supporting our mission to represent, educate, and elevate. We are working on a number of projects that we use to achieve those goals: 

Queerly Represent Me has developed a visual database and spreadsheet database that display approximately 1,000 games featuring queer representation, from the mid-1980s to this year.

We have conducted multiple audience surveys since we were founded in May 2016, and we are analysing the data from those surveys so we can publish articles and papers discussing the way audiences respond to queer—and other diverse—content.

We attend conferences and conventions around Australia and, with further support, will be attending international events to discuss our ongoing work and research. We also publish articles based on our talks, as well as guides for how to better engage with queerness and diversity more broadly.

We host Jess' Queer Games Journey where Jess Zammit discusses lesser known games that she has played while researching for our database.

Every Wednesday, we publish new interviews in an interview series with queer folks working in the games industry. We are using this information to gain a better understanding of the ways queerness affects the work of queer devs, and the roadblocks that might be preventing them from excelling in the games industry.

We have additional outreach programs and events, which we hope will connect the public to queerness and games.

We rely heavily on our community for tips and suggestions, and your support—through connecting with us, sharing us with your networks, and ensuring we can pay our bills—makes a world of difference.

Your Patreon support will help us to continue producing all of the resources, research, and initiatives listed above.

Our primary aim with this Patreon is to make the money required to pay our staff and contributors for their work. So many hours go into making Queerly Represent Me what it is (and ensuring that all of the resources we provide are free to access for the public), and your Patreon support is what keeps us going.

If you can afford to donate, that is greatly appreciated! If you cannot, there are other ways you can support us. Check out our tips here.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts
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