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About Queerly Speaking Podcast

Thanks for stopping by!
We wanted to thank you for stopping by our Patreon page. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our podcast! Every like, share, listen, repost, etc. helps us create more and better Queer content for everyone to enjoy!

Who we are:
Alex - pronouns: she/her/they/them. Lesbian. Cat lover and beer enthusiast, photographer, and Gay Captain Planet.
Allison - pronouns: they/them. NB Queer. Panic! at the Disco enthusiast, coffee drinker and cannabis advocate, artist and Official New Cat Mom of 2017-2019.

What we do:
We record this podcast and release a new episode biweekly (or, "whenever we feel like it," says Alex). We wanted to address some key issues that affect us everyday in our Queer lives, such as religion/spirituality, style, family, friends, and much much more. We also wanted to bring these discussions to the table with friends, both Queer and straight, who will weigh in with their two cents as well.

What we're offering you on Patreon:
We want to offer you a few things at different price levels, a little something for everyone! At the lowest tier, $1, you will be mentioned at the end of the podcast as a supporter of the podcast. At the second tier, you will receive a monthly Queerly Speaking postcard signed by Allison and Alex.

And this is just to begin with - much much more is in store in the future!

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