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About Nicole Rebbert

My Name is Nicole Rebbert and some people already know me as Quelchii (especially on DeviantArt). I always loved to draw as a child and just drew for fun, but when I began to study Biology I had to stop drawing, because I didn't have the time anymore. After almost 6 years I started to draw again (in February 2014) and since then I try to draw almost every day, because I wanted to take drawing a bit more seriously. In addition to drawing I also like to grow carnivorous plants (and sometimes I even draw them).

Why Patreon?
Now I would really love to continue what I'm doing right now like improving my traditional mixed media technique and to share my technique with other people to help them to improve as well. This is why I wanted to join this site. It can help me to invest even more time into drawing and to create even more helpful things like tutorials and even some timelapse videos. So I would be happy about every single 1$. This support would really mean a lot to me, because then I wouldn't have to give up drawing again and I could become an actual artist. Then a dream would come true!

What I create:
I prefer to draw traditional pictures with my mixed media technique (marker combined with colored pencil). My favourite art style is realism and my goal is to reach almost perfect hyperrealism, but I also like to try out new things (inverted drawings, drawing on gray paper) and other art styles (sketches) or media (graphite pencil, watercolor, oils). The drawing subject depends on my drawing mood. Most of the time I draw things I like for example characters from my favourite movies or tv shows, carnivorous plants, animals and much more. Once I've been hungry and ended up drawing a burger...
Additionally I take progress pictures of my drawings and put together step by steps (+ tutorials) for some drawings.
For more examples please take a look at my previous work on DeviantArt: My DeviantArt Gallery

How many drawings do I create?
Usually I create 4-7 drawings/paintings per month.
$1 of $120 per month
I'll make some tutorials with my best tricks I use to create my traditional artworks (examples: for colouring or proportions).Furthermore I'll create some more specific step by step tutorials in the future like "How to draw metall (or other surfaces)", "Watercolor step by step", "How to draw/color hair",...
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