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Quest 4 Pixels was founded by Tony Baker and Sheldon Benedict. We started out as a podcast with a heavy focus on Nintendo but we've grown organically into a thriving community of video game enthusiasts. We started a website, a discord, we started streaming and doing reviews. Then we added Mike BC to the Quest and now we’ve got our eyes on a few new team members. But here's the thing we’re an ambitious young squad with nothing to lose so we want to do more, much more. That's where Patreon comes in. 

We want to deliver high-quality content based on games, tv, movies and everything geeky that we love all in one place. Your contributions will be invested right back into Quest 4 Pixels that means a variety of things including but not limited to: new equipment for production, props, funds to get access to conventions/events/games or movies. In the future, both founders of Quest 4 Pixels hope to do this as a part time/ full-time job and some of your contributions might go to supplement our income for day to day living. In return for your contributions, we want to produce more content, specialized content, exclusive content that you'd have access to before anyone else. You would not only be helping fund our goals and dreams, you’d be shaping them and Quest 4 Pixels right alongside of us. Thank you for taking the time to at least see what this Patreon is all about and we hope you come along for the Quest! 
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When we hit this goal Tony and Sheldon will start the Quest 4 Pixels Sunday Morning Show! Good Morning Geeks!
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