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  • Patreon posts before big releases featuring upcoming and behind the scenes content.

  • Increased Item Cap in Top Gear (34).

  • Draft versions of upcoming articles.

  • Ad free across QE Live

 My appreciation and gratitude.

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QE Diamond

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Everything in QE Gold plus:

  • Your character name in the QE Live Hall of Fame.

  • Increased Item Cap in Top Gear (36).

  • QE Diamond tag in QE Live. Diamond color in the QE Discord.

  • A whole extra level of thanks and appreciation.

  • Add a tip or joke of your own to QE Live for any spec and have it pop up on the main menu. (Coming soon). 

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QE Rolls Royce

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Everything in QE Gold & QE Diamond plus:
  • Direct QA line. A special channel in the QE discord all of your own to ask any question you like. Need your enchants and gems sorted late minute for that alt your raid leader is asking you to play? Need tips for the next progression boss? I'll make sure you're covered.
  • Resto Druid / Mistweaver / Disc log review every week. You can also give this to a struggling guildie if your own performance is already very good.
  • A place in orange at the top of the upcoming QE Live Supporters Hall of Fame.
Includes Discord benefits



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