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Hello and welcome to the patreon profile of Tales of Ringworld: Questscape!

Ringworld is an original and rich homebrew, high fantasy universe in development since 2010! It's a world inspired by such great works as Dungeons & Dragons, Discworld, Guild Wars, Call of Cthulhu, Planescape, The Elder Scrolls, Warcraft 3 (with expansions), various fantasy movies, manga, books, anime and comic books. It recently has reached a stage where it can be translated into a video game! 

Some of the planned features:

  • Play as one of the 44 fantastic races and choose one of 16 class archetypes with prestige classes. Our diverse races feature different game difficulties and game-play and will challenge both your smarts and your experience as a gamer.
  • Some races (like vampire or lich) can be obtained only in-game through story.
  • Enjoy stunning and original artwork and music.
  • In Questscape death can be only the beginning! Explore the afterlife or fight in order to return to the world of the living! 
  • You're not happy with your character, but you've come too far to restart the game? Simply die in-game and be reborn!
  • Original tweaks on already existing class archetypes! 
  • Inventory, Craft, Party, Battle, Faction, Infamy, Reputation and Mount System.
  • Play as a powerful mage who's able to summon his loyal and fierce familiar! Beware though:  guard it well, for when it dies so will your ability to cast spells!
  • Beware the sorcery! Bane of all mortal beings that corrupts and twists body and soul alike! All practitioners of the forbidden arts risk a body mutation which can either maim or provide benefits. You could end up with practical spider legs on your back, venomous snake on your arm, or a third eye capable of shooting deadly energy rays!
  • Pick up your sword and compete in arenas throughout the realms! Or take a club instead and pillage some villages. If you're more of a cloak and dagger person feel free to backstab and rob folks! The choice is yours.
  • Choose a higher being for your patron! You can choose either a god, overlord, power or a persona! Benefit from their blessings or embark on their holy quest!

Please visit our forum for the entire list of planned features and their current status I also explain a lot of related stuff, post updates on my blog and answer questions on our forum! This is a 2D game.

I'm currently working on this project in my free time. I hope you all like and enjoy Questscape enough so I can work on it full time in the future.
$4 of $300 per month
When I reach this goal I'll start working on Questscape part-time and commission an additional artist!
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