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These are often posted on the last couple days of the month so that I have more content from the comic to cram in them!
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  • Previews and updates of secret projects/webcomics ;)
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About Tess Thompson

Hey there!! I'm Tess Thompson. I make Soil That Binds Us, a webcomic about two young adults who can talk to the ghosts and one young adult who IS a ghost and their journey in sewing back together a world ripped apart by the undead. It's over 1000 pages and it heavily features:
  • LGTBQ and diverse character cast; including a nonbinary protagonist. 
  • Long form narrative adventure and emphasis on character
  • This is a kind of shonen anime for gay people. There's no way around saying this.
  • Small animations and videos, like this one!

I currently pour every once of my free time into this project, so it means a lot to me if you decide to donate! ALL of the money saved is set aside to be used specifically for the comic!
Nice- What does donating to you mean?
It means that I can afford:
  • adobe photoshop and programs!
  • to renew the website!
  • to make free/discounted stickers/buttons/charms/merch for patrons!
  • more time to make this thing!
and hopefully, with a lot of luck, one day 
  • RENT. it's my dream to do this full time.

if you're interested in a one time donation rather than a monthly contribution, that's totally okay! please consider donating at my paypal! that's at [email protected], or consider donating once to my Ko-fi, only I will not use the money for coffee. It will be for art.

You can also commission me!!! I'm always open, it's what I currently do full time and again, I could always use the money. If you are a patron you will receive a discount, just let me know that you are a patron!

If you're interested in my other work, check me out on twitter or tumblr! I draw women kissing constantly. That's just what I do.

$30 - reached! per month
if i get 30 dollars a month ill print out a personal thank you letter and eat it. maybe ill draw a few free desktop pictures!!
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